it’s okay to not achieve new years goals //

It is finally here. The year 2020. Glory to God that we all have gotten here to this point. So many things have happened so far, but there will be new chances. New lessons. New opportunities. New hopes. New dreams. New goals.

Setting new goals is so important. Important to help us wake up every morning, having something to look forward to. It is hoping to accomplish something. Losing weight, gaining a skill, finishing a year long project, growing in your career, learning to be financially stable, etc. Set realistic goals for yourself. If anything, start small this year and then step up your goals the next year. But even if you don’t accomplish something you were hoping to, that is okay.

We all tend to overthink resolutions. We tend to beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve a goal. If you have done all you can to finish something but still haven’t, THAT IS OKAY. Please do not hate yourself for not reaching your goal. There is a time for everything. Maybe there is something you need to learn before you reach it. Maybe something else needs to be achieved beforehand. Maybe you need the right people in your life to help you achieve it. Spend time with God and He will lead you into the right direction. Maybe that goal of yours isn’t really what you need to achieve. Maybe it’s the lesson in it. God has a way of bringing new goals into our lives. Maybe you change your old hope for a new one. And if it’s a hope that God gives you, you bet that He will help you into it.

Set realistic dreams for yourself, but trust God with it. And if what you were hoping to accomplish doesn’t happen, there is always a second chance. Don’t wait for the next year. But whatever dream you want to achieve, it’s up to you to attain it!

with love, hope and peace,


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