things to do during the summer //

Do you love the summer? I know I do! Summer is my favorite season. No school, amazing weather, cute summer outfits, and fun things to do for the few months you have. Well, it all depends on where you live. In the south, you get more summer than all the cooler states. So, despite of where you live, I want to show you great warm weather plans you can make. We are getting to the end of summer so I want to show you some of the things I did in the last few months.

1. Hiking

You can never go wrong with hiking! Hiking often can help you stay active. Who doesn’t like mountains and waterfalls? Where I am from, there are a lot of mountains and waterfalls at least an hour away. I don’t really go as often anymore, but it’s always so beautiful. Photo shoots are also a good idea when on a mountain!

2. Sunrise or Sunset

This can go along with hiking, but watching the sunrise or sunset is always a great idea! Whether, it’s summer or not. However, it is better in the summer because it’s not that chilly. Being able to see the sun go up or seeing it go down, it’s such a wonderful thing to watch. As it slowly gets lighter or darker. Going with friends is great! You can even go out to eat after. Also, laying in a hammock while watching is so relaxing.

3. Hammocks

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Speaking of hammocks! Laying in a hammock is such a great way to just chill out and enjoy nature. Not only nature, but also to hang out with the company of loved ones. I went to camp a few years back and there was maybe seven hammocks hanging close together. It was so much fun and relaxing at the same time. You can read, listen to music, watch nature, sleep, or even play the ukulele! I really recommend getting a hammock if you don’t already have one.

4. Boat or ferry ride


I love boats! It’s fun and relaxing. This is a great way to get away and enjoy nature. Especially, boat rides at the lake can be very beautiful. Grab friends, snacks, and tubes!

5. Photoshoots


Photoshoots in the summer are such a great idea! You have all the trees and flowers already fully bloomed. It’s also such great weather so you don’t have to worry about being cold. There are such beautiful places like mountains and forests.

6. Picnic

Picnics are such a great way to step outside to relax. It’s best with friends and a few games to play in the grass. You can read, nap, or just eat and talk.

7. Weddings

If I was to get married, I would so do it in the summer! Depending on where you live and how hot your summers get, I would do it in the very beginning or the end of summer so it isn’t too hot. This can also go along with what I said about photoshoots. Photos are so beautiful when everything is bloomed. Also, it’s easy to create a theme or color scheme for your wedding in the summer. The spring months is also great wedding months.
Above: My cousin and dear friend on her wedding day. This was more in the spring but it was still such beautiful weather that day. 

8. Beach

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The most obvious thing to do in the summer is the beach! A great way to relax and enjoy. You can travel hours or just minutes to get that sun. We all need a healthy amount of sun and salt water. Even if you’re not a really big beach fan, there are always things to do around the beach such as board walks, rides, seafood restaurants, etc. Also, with friends is so fun.

9. Ride

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Whether it’s to ride a bike, or a long board. I went a beach area this summer that had such a beautiful bicycle trail. Gorgeous trees and such clean area. The hotel we were staying at had bicycles so we were able to rent them.

10. Eating clean


A good way to spend summer, is to spend it eating clean! When we eat clean, we feel great. And feeling great help us stay positive during the summer. Eating healthy will make us feel and look less bloated. We will be able to wear those lovely summer clothes without feeling self conscious. I will say, I don’t always eat healthy. Yes, we sometimes crave those chips, donuts, ice cream and all those things but as long as we try to focus on our health for the long term.


I’m so glad we got through the top ten things you can do in the summer. Now of course we can do these in other months besides summer; But from what I know, these are best in the warm weather. Summer is my favorite but I also can’t wait for what’s in store for the next season.


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