Priorities – Haggai 1:1-6.

Do we have our priorities straight? The people here in the book of Haggai surely didn’t start that way. Let’s dive in to see what word God gave them and what they did in response. Let’s also dig deep into our own hearts and lives. Haggai is the first among the post-exilic minor prophets. Which… Continue reading Priorities – Haggai 1:1-6.

God’s incomprehensibility.

Something about God’s incomprehensibility and transcendence stands out to me. It’s that He will always reveal something new to us, whether we are 20 years old or 90 years old. Doesn’t matter how many times we read the Word, or pray, or fast. As long as we are on this earth, we will never know… Continue reading God’s incomprehensibility.

Search my heart.

Lord, You are love,so if I lack love in my heartI have driven away from You.Empty my heart of everything that does not please You.Anything that does not helpmy soul cling to You.May I be a womanmarked with truth.That is foundedon You alone.Take these stones of sinthat I built walls withand replace them with holinessthat… Continue reading Search my heart.

My heart that wavers.

Forgive me for my inconsistent heart.It wavers and wavers without You, my Lord.Help my eyes stay fixed on You.I don't want to wander off with the lesser thingsthat try to get my attention.They won't satisfy more than just a moment.Even if the road isn't clear, set my vision to only seeing You..because a heart that… Continue reading My heart that wavers.

Beauty of holiness.

There is so much beautyin being apart from this world.Often times we don't seebeauty and holiness connectedin our popular culture.But I will say, I would ratherpossess a beauty way beyondwhat the eye can see.It's a beauty of holinessthat resides in the soul.And only this beauty cantruly bring us radiance. -a.inspired by enduring word.

Who am I?

To know You have sacrificed Your life for mine, is an overwhelmingthought of love. Who am I,that You havelooked upona wretchedbeing like meand thoughtthis is whoI want todie for. But You reply:Because You are mine.You are chosenand beloved.And I willmake you anew being,for My lovewill be a refreshmentto your soul. -a.