DoTerra Oils with Veronica // K.Talks

Hey friend!
I want to introduce you to my older sister,  Veronica Pashkevich. She is an advocate for DoTerra Essential Oils. We will be having a conversation about her work and the products she advocates. I hope this information will help you better understand essential oils and how DoTerra works!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love talking to people. I love sharing things with people and helping them anyway I can. I work full time, go to school full time, and try to educate individuals on essential oils and my own experiences and testimonies. I also enjoy bike riding, movies, coffee, chit-chats, and family time. My husband and I have two amazing kitties which I use essential oils on too! I can write a book on my life!

2. How long were you an essential oils advocate? 

I have been an advocate for a year and half.

3. What inspired you toward essential oils?

I experienced how they work. I have not been taking medication since I’ve gotten into oils.

4. Why are essential oils important? Are there any health benefits?

So many benefits. First, they are derived from plants and natural minerals! If you think about it, the medicine that was used (back in the day) was mainly natural remedies. Second, you’re not killing your liver with drugs and chemicals. Thirdly, no side effects. Medicine can cause so many side effects; Essential oils have zero side effects! Our body loves it when we give it natural ingredients.

5. What are some of the most popular oils?

For me, I love using breathe, onguard, balance, frankincense, wild orange, petitgrain, and lavender. I make blends that I use for many things which contain oregano, copaiba, and arboviatea. Another oil I use is melaleuca (aka tea tree). I use so many more, based on what my body needs at the moment.

6. For those that are not familiar with it, what is a “BOGO” and how does it work?

DoTerra does promotions periodically where they offer a product that you can buy, and get a product for free. These are only for one day.

7. What are other products that people can buy other than essential oils?

There are accessories such as diffusers, roller bottles, spray bottles, capsules, etc. So, if you’re someone who just loves to diffuse, there are many advantages by just breathing the oils. There are roller bottles you can use to make blends for topical use. You can use veggie capsules to take them internally. Spray bottles to create room sprays, skin sprays, cleaner sprays, etc.

8. What makes these oils different from any other medication, remedies, etc?

As I mentioned, medicine can cause so many side effects. Essential oils have zero side effects! Our body loves it when we give it natural ingredients.

9. What is your favorite product by DoTerra?

Their oils! And I love all of their products!!

10. What products are good for kids? Pets? Skin care?

Some people are sensitive to certain things so it depends on person to person. I use different types on my cats. Skin care, I use DoTerra hydrating cream with Yarrow Pom oil as well as the HD clear roller blend. Each person is different.

11. Can you tell us about a time when one of the oils helped someone?

My director’s feet were killing her. I gave her the Deep Blue Rub to try and it releived so much pain!

12. What kind of sources do you have for more information on these products?

I have a lot! Booklets, websites, books, etc.


13. Tell us how someone can become an advocate?

Go to my link:

14. Do you have any tips or advice for someone who is interested in essential oils?

Yes, please feel free to email me :

15. Are there any perks for being a member or advocate?

Oh yes! You get wholesale pricing, points accrual, shipping is returned to you in points, you have potential to make money, etc.

16. What is one thing you can say about DoTerra that can help inspire us to use or use more of the products?

They truly work!

If you want to get more information on DoTerra and its products, do not hesitate to get in contact with Veronica. I even have the essential oil diffuser on as I’m typing this!
Some of her links:

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