A little wine thought.

'On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding. And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.” Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does… Continue reading A little wine thought.

This fragile heart.

My heart can be brittle.My love for You can be frail.Sometimes too inconsistentbecause this human heart can'tcomprehend the love thatYou know. A million times more isYour love for us.But just enough grace thatwe need and that ourhearts can beat along with. So we ought to focus on Your love for us more than ourlove for… Continue reading This fragile heart.

Fruitful in Him.

Let us abide in Christso we can produce beautiful fruit.Whatever branch in us thatdoesn't bring forth fruit,He takes away.Our Lord, the true Vineand vine Dresser,organizes the mess in usso we can live fruitfully.Without Him we can do nothing.Our Lord loves us just enoughto allow us into His vineyard.But loves us too muchto leave us fruitless.

God, correct my heart.

You know the secrets of my deceitful heart.All of my flaws, God, are clear before You.All of my sin and shame.But because of Your goodness,You desire to make beauty out of an ugly heart like mine.And because I seek Your face,my heart shall live.My heart runs to You.And even when my heart is weeping,I will… Continue reading God, correct my heart.

Trust Him with your tomorrow.

Tomorrow is intimidating, I know.It can cause worry, fear...But the Lord has tomorrow already in His hands. Be still in Him and know that He is in control. Be still and rest, knowing that He has you in His hands, too. If He can hold tomorrow; If He can control tomorrow, He can fill you… Continue reading Trust Him with your tomorrow.

Good morning, Lord.

In the morning,after night of sorrow,You turn my mourninginto dancing.You turn my sackclothto garments of joy.You rise the sunas You wake my eyesbecause today is the dayYou have made.So good morning to You,the One who lights my heartand fills it with Yournew mercies.

Lord, You deserve more.

The very wrong in usThat we may not realize:We live a worldly life,Chasing a loveThat You wait to show us everyday.Chasing dreamsEven though Your plans are better.Chasing satisfactionFor the void only You can fill.Trusting in imperfect peopleWhen it's You that keeps promises.You desire to show us a lifeThat this life cannot even compare to.Our hearts… Continue reading Lord, You deserve more.

made alive in Him //

how can we be made alive,even when we are already breathing?before being renewed,we were dead in our sin.breathing in this world,but dying by our flesh,which is what destroys ironic that our very selvescannot do us any good. this was because we were never meantto rely on ourselves. rich in mercy.abundant in love.God gave… Continue reading made alive in Him //