Girded with truth.

That’s how the enemy gets to us.
Making us think that God doesn’t
really mean what He says.
Making us think that the God of truth
doesn’t really keep His promises.
The enemy wants to deceive us.
Maybe it’s making us think
we are too far gone,
that we are not lovable,
that we will always be stuck in this mud.
Making us think that what we feel is
truer than the truth of God.
But it’s God’s truth that gives us freedom!

So let’s gird ourselves with the truth of God
so we can stand firm against the enemy’s lies.
Strap all of our feelings and
emotions into the belt of Truth.
Checking with what God’s truth says about it.
Cleaning up all the junk that
the devil puts in our way.

When we put on the armor of God,
the devil has no way of playing us.
So with this armor, let’s start with the truth
which is only found in the Living God.

inspired by Priscilla Shirer.

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