New face serum fav!

Something a bit different I want to post today! I have been on a sweet little natural cosmetics journey and here’s a little snippet. 🙂

So.. I made myself a face serum with rose hip carrier oil, frankincense, lavender and geranium essential oils and actually did not expect to notice a change. But I did! I used to have dry areas on my face and regularly used an eczema therapy cream.. but because of using the serum, my face has been smooth (also a tad bit glowy)! I haven’t used that eczema cream since! It’s been almost a month. My morning skin care routine consists of the Doterra toner, moisturizer, and a touch of the face serum on both of my cheeks before applying my makeup. For the night, I just use a couple drops of the serum for my whole face so it can soak into the skin while I sleep. Then in the morning, I wash it off and start my morning routine. Of course, every skin and face is different, but this definitely has been working for me so far! 🙂

If you have any interest in trying this out, let me know! I just might add it to my etsy shop in the future!


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