Lord, You deserve more.

The very wrong in us
That we may not realize:
We live a worldly life,
Chasing a love
That You wait to show us everyday.
Chasing dreams
Even though Your plans are better.
Chasing satisfaction
For the void only You can fill.
Trusting in imperfect people
When it’s You that keeps promises.
You desire to show us a life
That this life cannot even compare to.
Our hearts are precious to You.
Our very beings should be praising You.
When we are distant from the Secret Place,
You are patient with us.
Sheep that go astray,
You chase after us.
Though we focus too much on this world,
You remind us that there is a love
More than our hearts can feel.
Deeper than the seas.
Higher than the stars.
You’re crazy about us,
With limitless love.
Yet, our praises don’t reach that far
When it’s about You.
But even if we do everything
There is to do for You,
You still deserve more.
Lord, You deserve more.

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