this Mystery //

a Mystery we are called to know.
this Mystery that’s been told for
many, many generations.
changing this many generations.
a Love that has saved us.
a Savior that holds us in a way that
we may never be able to explain.
a Mystery that stirs so beautifully
in our hearts.
a Song that brings a peace to our minds
that exceeds our very understanding.
a Mystery that clothes us in righteousness
and forgives our wrongs.
a Grace so sufficient.
and Mercy so abundant.
a prophesied Mystery that has come so humbly
to the very earth He created.
we are heirs of this Mystery.
children of this very Heavenly Father
that has shown us abundant grace.
this Hope that never leaves us
nor forsakes us.
this Mystery that changes our very being
and brings beauty to our very soul.

this Jesus – this Mystery.
this Mystery that’s never meant to be a secret.


with peace and love,


Praying this inspires you and encourages you to get to know this loving Jesus 🙂
(inspired by Ephesians chapter 3)



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