waters II //

even though the waters may seem frightening,
we don’t need to be afraid of them.
even they tremble and bow before our God.
this very thing we may fear, God can use it to
create a pathway to walk through,
a surface to stand on, and to bring peace to a chaos.
the waters can be heavy, weighing down on us,
too laden for our shoulders;
but when we come to Jesus with all
the heaviness, with all that burden,
He will bring us rest to preserve us.
this very water can show us faith,
our very God can be our faith
and our very hearts can grow this faith.
on the other side of these very waters,
across the ocean of our lives may reside
the beautiful, wonderful promises of God.
and even if the waters in your life can be too heavy,
the living waters of Jesus will lift you up.

with love, peace and hope,


psalm 77:16-19
matthew 14:22-33
matthew 8:23-27
mark 4:35-41
john 4
exodus 14:13-31

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