tired of this single shaming //

I’m kind of tired. We all can live our day to day lives and just get tired. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing. A lot can get into your head about how your life is and how you’re supposed to live it. People around you can give advice but do you always want it? It is super important to have real friends and family around to help pick you up. Don’t ever lose that. You need someone to slap you in the face if you are being dumb! Figuratively speaking, of course.

What I’m talking about is a little different. Do you ever get advice to just go for something? Even when you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do? If someone tells you to go for something, but you don’t know if it’s the right thing to do, do not do it. Your gut is always right! Especially if the Holy Spirit is tugging at you to go the opposite direction.

I have been single my whole life and a lot of the people in my life already know that. I have been told to give certain guys a chance, even if I don’t want to. Even if it doesn’t seem right to me to do so. If there is no spiritual, physical, or mental growth associated with this person, no thank you. Everyone is special, of course! That doesn’t mean I can’t follow my gut. I don’t need this single shaming. It sounds kind of silly, but how else can I put it?

“I just want you to be happy.”
I understand they want me to be happy but what makes people think I’m not already? Happiness comes from within. It comes along with the life we choose to live. A significant other is just a plus. We cannot rely our joy on someone else. We will be disappointed. We are not perfect people.

My faith is the most important value in my life. I strive to grow with God everyday. I will never jeopardize that. There are standards for a reason and I will never lower mine just to be with somebody. I don’t want someone I want to change. I need someone who is already changed. I know that God has a plan for my life. He has an awesome way of putting things together!

There is value in everyone. I think that someone out there is hoping for a person just like you! Do not lose your value and worth just because you want to be with someone. If that person makes you lose your worth, you gotta lose them! You deserve someone that is good for your soul, my friend. From that, you will glow on the outside.

Never give up on who you are. Don’t ever let anyone tear you down. A relationship that is meant to be, will be. If God wants to bless you, He will not let anyone stop Him from doing that. When that time comes, I’m sure you will know. There is so much beauty in the season of singleness.

Why can’t people just give me a chance? A chance to be the person who I am meant to be and love it before I have to love someone else.

But then again, what do I know? I’ve been single my whole life.

with love,


5 thoughts on “tired of this single shaming //”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I feel like many of us single Christian women go through this. The thing I relate the most with is your friends and family telling you to just go for someone that you don’t feel you have a connection with. It is hard to know if they see something that you don’t, but the truth is, you have to follow the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being a proud single out there! If not me, you are reaching another single woman out there who is battling with this right now.

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  2. Part of it is that people really want you to be conformed to their way of thinking. It seems safe and right. And the irony is that they “think” they know what is best for you happiness while completely denying what you happiness actually is. For everything [and everyone] there it’s own time. That’s is why the voice of Holy Spirit is important.

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