what brings me joy?

What does joy mean to me?
What makes me happy, makes me smile,
or gives me a peace that no one else knows?
It’s the life we all choose to live
because of the little moments.

It is being surrounded by the ones you love.
The little glimpses of sunlight
through the blinds in the morning.
It’s the first sip of coffee
as your tired eyes begin to wake.
The way a newborn miracle
looks up at you and smiles.
When prayerful hands gently rests on
your shoulders as you cry out to God.
When someone acknowledges you
during the harder times of your life.
It is how others miss you when
you’re not there as often anymore.
When a little tiny hand locks into yours.
It’s when “I love you” flows into your ears.
The tiny little paws and “purr”s that rests in your arms.
It is the sweet moments that God starts to speak to you.
When trials begin to teach you and God begins
to grow and mold you.
It is times when you get the grade
you worked so hard for.
It’s boat riding, sun bathing
and having fun on the water.
The growth of plants and flowers
that make your room feel like air.
When you enter an environment
of aesthetic and coffee drinking.
Riding bicycles through palm trees.
The view of mountains and hills
as you curl up in a blanket.
It is the strength of your fight
and you see it getting stronger.
The first gulp of water after a
good, great work out.
It’s the little awesome adventures
you go on with your friends.
The energy you give of love and joy.
It is the wind and breath of fresh air
as you ride and long board through the trees.
When you give a helping hand.
It’s when words flow right from your soul
just like this right here.
Using the gifts the Lord has given.
Glorifying Him, worshiping Him and praising Him.
Realizing how good He is to you.
It’s when there are so much more reasons
to feel like this.


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