top favorite coffee shops //

As some of you know, I love my daily dose of caffeine. Not only do I love my coffee, I also love places that are aesthetically pleasing to my eye! What’s better than both? There are so much ways coffee can be super delicious. I was really pleased with some of the coffee places I have been to. Let me tell you about them. They are in the upstate area of South Carolina.


The Village Grind in Greenville, South Carolina.

Honestly, I forgot what latte I got. But my dear cousin and friend, Sue, got the rose cardamom latte. The coffee was very good. Here, the environment and place is super cute! There were plants everywhere and the people were kind. They have outside seating so it’s a perfect place for a quick hangout! 



Junto Coffee in Taylors, South Carolina.

Here, I had the honey lavender latte and Sue had lavender. With coffee, we had a delicious cream cheese pastry. I love this place so much! It has such a light and airy environment, very roomy and relaxing. Such kind people and a great place to get some work done. Super cute! The time we were there, there was a little art show displaying some of the art made from people in the community. It was so great and artsy! And even the bathroom was super cute!



Barista Alley in Greer, South Carolina.

In the midst of Greer downtown, we have this place. I love this place. I’ve been here a few times already. Sometimes, they have worship nights and it was amazing! People encourage each other during those nights. I sometimes get the honey lavender latte or the agave latte. The crepe I had was the fruit and cream crepe. Also, super cute place!

Places like these bring me so much joy! Perfect to study, work, and read. It kind of sucks because these places are about a half hour or more from my house. But it’s worth it! But then again, you can always go to Starbucks.

If you know any cute and delicious coffee shops in the south, let me know by commenting! Thank you so much for your time!

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