wild //

It’s crazy to think about how much power God holds.
Or is it?
I think a lot of us think about this but the idea of someone comprehending it..
Now that’s crazy.
Because it’s impossible.
It’s impossible to comprehend how big and powerful our Lord is.
The One who calms the seas, the One that moves mountains, the One that can make the earth tremble.
And this enormous and omnipotent God that created the heaven and earth
created our hearts and loves us so deeply that in order to have a relationship with us,
He sacrificed His one and only Son.
For us.
Even though some of us may never acknowledge who He is.
That is love like no other.
Laying His life down for us sinners…
For sinners who may never even love Him back.
That’s wild.
But that’s the wild I will forever live for.

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