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Everything in life has two purposes, either to bless you or to teach you. We all have things we have gone through or learned that shaped us into who we are today. Last month, in July, I turned 21 and there were many blessings throughout my 21 years. Not only blessings, but I have also learned a lot of lessons. I want to share with you these main things that I have learned in my life and things I would want to tell my younger self. (These are not in order)

Be Kind.

Be kind ALWAYS. We do not know what other people go through so it is important to show kindness to them. Yes, even to the people that do not show kindness back to you. It is not easy, but it truly shows who you are. You shouldn’t be kind for your own reputation, but to be genuine.

Love Others.

This can be connected with being kind to other people. Loving others can be contagious and it can effect the way people around you act. The warmth you have in your heart can really change those around you. It may not seem like it, but it will make them wonder how you have so much love. God has called us to do this because of the love He has given us.

You can’t please everybody or make everyone like you.

No matter what you do, there will always be somebody that will judge you or won’t like you. That is just how life works. In high school, I have tried so hard to love everyone and be happy, but there were still some people that did not like me. To tell you the truth, I do not think everyone is supposed to. You should be motivated to do better because of those who don’t. You are an amazing person. Do not let others define who you truly are.

Trust in God’s Plans & Timing.

We all have plans and goals we want to achieve in our lives and it is not a bad thing, of course. But what we need to understand is that God’s plans are way better than what we plan for ourselves. And His plans happen at just the right time. I have made some plans for some things to happen in my future, but I am very grateful that it worked the way God had planned. What He had planned happened at the perfect time. I feel like one of the reasons why our plans do not always work out is because we still have things to learn and we need more time to grow in order for that plan to happen. . and that is where God comes in to beautifully ruin our agenda before it ruins us.

Some People are Temporary.

There are different types of people that come into your life. Some people are blessings, while others are in your life to teach you a lesson. There are people that you need to fight for and people you need to let go. You just have to know the difference. What I have learned is that if someone wants to leave, let them. It is making room for new and awesome people to come into your life. Never forget old friends, but do not expect them to stay in your life if they don’t want to. People change.

Take Steps of Faith.

You live by faith, not by sight. Take steps of faith because God knows best. Go to bible school, pray for the Holy Spirit, and you will receive it. For those who do not know this story, it took about a week for me to receive the Holy Spirit. I began to doubt, but when I took that step of faith, I received it. I had no idea what to expect, but this was one of the best things that happened to me in my life.

Take Care of Both Your Body and Your Soul.

As Christians, we always focus on taking care of our soul. Which is very important, of course. But God also calls us to take care of our bodies for our bodies are God’s temple (1 Cor. 6:19-20). This can also mean to eat healthy, exercise and just to take care of your body inside and out.

Take Every Opportunity to Share God’s Love.

One mistake I have made in High School, is that I wasn’t bold enough to share the Gospel to those around me. I loved others, but I didn’t really talk about God as much as I should have. Then and even now, I have not taken every opportunity to share God’s love to people. I am still praying about it, but take every opportunity to share the love of Christ, because that is one of the things we were called to do. There are people out there that search for hope but do not know Christ like you do. You may be the only bible people read so be that light.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

It is easy to stay where you are comfortable. I still have and always have had a hard time getting out of my comfort zone. Change can be tough and it is uncomfortable, of course, to not know what to do. But God will always be by your side. How will you grow, when you are in the same comfort zone?

Don’t Try to be Somebody Else / Somebody You Are Not.

There is a reason why God created us the way we are. If everyone in the world was the same, how would that be interesting? How would we grow as a community? As a country? You are you for a specific reason and you have a purpose to use your attributes and gifts to do good. There is someone in this world that prays for someone like you to be in their life. Besides, it is a beautiful thing to not be like everyone else.

God Sees the Bigger Picture, You Don’t.

There are some things that we do not understand. Things happen and we may not get any explanations. Like I have said before, God’s plans are better than ours. It can be difficult to understand that when tough times come our way but God is the one that sees the bigger picture. He sees our future and how our trials are necessary for us to grow and learn what we need to learn for the future.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the top things that I have learned throughout my life. I hope it inspired you in some kind of way. I am still young and have a lot more to learn. Feel free to comment on anything you agree with or anything you also have learned in YOUR life! I may or may not post a Youtube video on this and I may add some fun twist to this. Stay tuned! Until then, may God bless you and I hope to see you back on the blog soon! 🙂


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