waters //

Look at the waters. The sweet, calm waters. Imagine Jesus walking toward you. He smiles at you and tells you to walk toward Him. He reaches His hand to you, but you are afraid. Afraid of drowning in the sea of life. He says “Do not fear.” You try to put your foot out onto the water, you lose control and you fall back. You are in the waters of doubt. You cry out to Jesus and you reach out your hand.

He pulls you back up and your faith becomes restored, becomes like new. The way your feet moves against the top of the waters, nothing more beautiful. The way the stars look from where you are make the waters seem like you are standing on galaxies. Galaxies with Jesus.

Imagine, life with Jesus, Heaven with Jesus. Imagine being HOME with Jesus. In the midst of the storm, Jesus holds your hand. You may fall in the water, but with Him, you will never drown. Your faith is the way your feet hold you on the waters. Keep walking on the waters with Jesus.

Do not worry, you of little faith. Walk with Jesus, even if it means falling in the water sometimes. Reach your hand to the Father, and He will bring you up. Above the waters has the best view of God’s galaxies, God’s waters, and God’s Love.

Thank you so much for reading! Please tell me your thoughts & questions. šŸ™‚

God bless you!

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