Anastasiya Megega // K.Talks

K.T. || Is there a song that touches your heart every time you hear it? What is it?

A.M. || Wake Up by All Sons and Daughters 

K.T. || What situation have you had in your life that made you rethink what you are doing with your life ? (It can be a broad answer; it does not have to be specific.)

A.M. || For me my wake up call was when I broke my back. I know that the consequences I deserved and was about to face were unimaginable but I also realized that I was in a situation where no one can truly help me but God. I knew the only way I could fix anything is put my hope in Him. My choice was either to submit to Him or be paralyzed. 

K.T. || What is the biggest blessing God has blessed you with? Why? 

A.M. || My biggest blessing has been my mother. Although we have had our ups and downs, I’ve never met anyone else so inspiring. She has raised me to be who I am and I could not be more thankful. 

K.T. || When has God ever wrecked your plans for his better plans?

A.M. || God has wrecked my plans when I wanted to go on a missionary trip when it wasn’t His will and it turned out to be for the better. Although I still may not understand why, all the way, I learned that its better to be in His will than anywhere else. 

K.T. || Do you have a life motto right now? What is it?

A.M. || My life motto is to get to know God in the deepest waters,  go all the way or go home. No half or 75 percent in Christianity. 

K.T. || If you could say something to the whole world, what would you say?

A.M. || If I could say something to the whole world I would tell them that He is better than anything and everything of this world. Being part of Him is something we can never get enough. He is the everlasting happiness where you no longer have to seek it on the side. 

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