paddle //

Imagine the sea as life. Paddle through life as much as you can. Don’t give up and keep on going. Do what you have to do to get where you need to be even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. If you feel like giving up then walk along the shore. In life, when things get hard, we tend to look for a “safe haven” or an escape from our problems. It can be God or even yoga. Now, imagine the flow of the waters as your safe haven. To me, God is my safety and as long as I trust in Him, I will flow through the waters with no fear, no worries, and with no one against me. Now, imagine your boat as your faith or your strength. A strong boat can flow through tough waters. As long as you live your life with the thing that keeps you going forward, you will make it through. Whatever your “flow” is, never stop paddling. The waters may seem too strong to overcome, but that is what makes you even stronger.

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