letter to my younger self //

Dear My Younger Self,

At this point, you are probably climbing that tree in the front yard or getting ready for high school. . You are probably also wondering what I’m doing right now and how everything is going, how I’ve gone this far in life and where I’ve gone. Life gives you choices, and you make these choices everyday that will shape you or break you for tomorrow. There are a lot of things you need to know for when you grow up, but there’s something about life’s mysteries that allow you to choose for yourself. You will have decisions to make that will make a huge impact in your life.

Take every great opportunity to do what you love. Go to that place you’ve always wanted to go. Say what you’ve always wanted to say. Stand up for those kids at school. Stand up for yourself. You will get hate for being a Christian, but stand up for yourself. There will be fake friends, but that’s how you’ll know who the real ones are. Do good in high school. Talk about God. Be involved with your church. Hang out with friends. Take that midnight trip to Walmart just to get stuff for pancakes for your friends. Make those pancakes. Go to Dunkin Donuts after church. Have sleepovers. Get up early and go swimming. Get cats, they are the best little creatures in the world. Go to your sister’s and brother’s house more. Have breakfast every Saturday morning together with your family. Record special moments. Take more family pictures. Go to bible school. Meet new youth. It’s very convenient knowing people from almost every part of the country. Tell your parents you love and appreciate them as much as you can. Have conversations with your grandparents, they are wise. Spend more time with your nephews. Do a lot of photoshoots. Sing more. Write more. Dance more. Exercise more. Drink more water and eat healthy. Take baptism. There will come a time when you will have the choice to move to another state. Do it. Take that chance because it will be one of the best decisions you’d ever make. College? Do your very best to study. Go to classes as much as you can. Start applying early; Do your financial aid early, your classes early. Join that worship band in your new church. Go out eating with your new friends. Learn to longboard. Go downtown until two in morning with your friends. Watch the sunrise and sunset. Tan as much as you can. Eat more sunflower seeds, they’re the best. Buy a polaroid and take a lot of pictures. Keep having tea and movie night. Be a wifey-material girl. And boys? Don’t get caught up in the thought that you need one to be happy. Stand with God and He will the right one step in. Pay less attention to perfection and more attention to direction. Stay pure. Be happy with yourself. Stay kind to others even if they are not kind to you. Love yourself and others. Put God first. Read the bible more. Pray more. Have a gentle spirit. Go hiking. Spend time alone. Breathe more. Smile more. Laugh more, no matter how much you laugh already. Help more. Listen more. Work on yourself a little more. Grow more and help others grow as well. Speak life and live life.

You will not live a perfect life, but you will live a life worth living. I don’t know much about life yet, I’m only 19, but I know enough to get you to where I am now.


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