why Jesus is the best thing that could happen to you //

Jesus. You may have heard of Him. You may have tried to get to know Him, but something wasn’t working. You probably have never heard of Him or probably want to get to know Him but something is stopping you.

Jesus is not like any other being that came on this earth. God gave up His ONLY son to save us. To save US. That son is Jesus. Through out the years of His life, He faced hardships like hunger, thirst, the cold and the heat, fatigue, and the worst of all, he was crucified on the cross even though He was innocent. But He did so many good things. He preached the gospel, made miracles, healed people from illnesses, blindness, demons, and countless more. He faced and defeated the devil himself. Jesus gave up His life for us so we can have eternal life!

Every trial, every pain, every storm, every situation, every doubt, every sickness, every tear, every cry, every anger, every wrath, every evil, every sin, every hardship, everything that is breaking you down, everything that is making you give up, everything that is crashing down on you and tearing you apart, JESUS CAN TAKE IT ALL // all you have to do is ask and you will receive in His name. He can give you love, joy, peace, healing, His promises, a future, forgiveness, beauty, safety, light, patience, strength, hope, grace, laughter, faith, a kind and gentle spirit, everything good and pure . He will give you LIFE. For me, being able to come to Jesus for direction is a PRIVILEGE. /// does He promise an easy life? No. But does He promise His helping & comforting hands that will guide you? Yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely! NOTHING EVEN COMPARES to the Love Jesus has for us. No human being on earth could explain it. Once you feel His love in your heart, your life will change. Give Him a chance, He gave you countless of chances . He’s chasing after you, wanting you to come to Him . He loves you and cares for you .

Don’t believe me? Well, I’m still alive aren’t I? I’ve been through a lot in my life and He has been there every step of the way. Sometimes, I can’t feel Him near, but I know that He’s there. I know He still wants me on this earth. How? He wakes me up every morning.

If I never had Jesus in my life, I would’ve been long gone.

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