realize God //

God gives so many opportunities, so many chances and so many miracles that it’s amazing. He leads us so far in life that we shouldn’t ever go back. He guides us in the perfect direction. Leads us to where He is. Loves us unconditionally and it’s unexplainable. Forgives our every single wrong. Heals our every sickness and brokenness. Gives us Love, Joy, Strength, Courage. He gives us life. Knows exactly what we long for and need. His timing is so perfect. His beauty is unimaginable. He makes us complete. He is the maker of the universe but still holds our hearts in His loving hands. He is more than everything that is possible to imagine! Inside of us, He lives. Unfortunately, people in this world take that for granted. God has the power to take life away in any moment and people act otherwise. They say “Only God can judge me.” but they live a sinful life forgetting that one day He actually will. Realize how good and perfect God is. He sacrificed His ONLY son to die for all of our sins. Is that not good enough? It’s more than enough for me! Stop and think about your life and realize how much God can do for you! Give Him a chance. He gave you countless! He wants you. He loves you no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Let Him into your life.

God created the world within seven days. Imagine what He can do with your life!

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