why i appreciate my weight //

Most of us have struggled with weight. We are all human and have our insecurities. I have struggled with my weight ever since middle school. I’m not really, what people label it as “fat,” but my weight is what made me self conscious. My chubbiness was mocked by people, even my extended family members. I hated it.

But I have learned to love myself and not only that, but also realize the reason why I should appreciate my weight.

When I was about three or four years old, I ate very little. “Skin and bones” is what people call it. I was a very skinny and had no appetite. I remember throwing up because of how empty my stomach was. No matter how hard my family tried to feed me, I would not eat. Not even vitamins. It was a hard time for my family, especially my parents. My grandmother thought, if this continued to happen, that I would not survive. So, I was taken to the hospital and the doctors were doing tests on me. In my blood, there were not enough white blood cells, which is why I was so weak. I was taken to the hospital with just enough time to save me from Leukemia. Everyone started to pray for me and little by little, I started eating vitamins and being healthy again. As you can tell! 😉 It took time, but it was a miracle. If it wasn’t for the prayers and the grace of God, I would’ve been long gone.

My weight has a story. It’s a testimony. Its a way to let myself know that I am healthy again. A reminder that what I’ve gone through, in my early childhood years, had a reason behind it. I am stronger because of it. Not only mentally, but also physically, of course. Along with my height and the dot on my nose, my weight is kind of like my signature of who I am. Yes, I do try to eat healthy and exercise. But my goal is not to lose weight, its to be happy with it.

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