what I’ve learned in 2015 //

2015 was a great year. So many awesome events happened last year. It was an exciting year for me! I have grown up so much since in 2015. . Not physically, (obviously cause I will still be short twenty years from now) but mentally & spiritually. From being able to graduate high school to getting baptized to moving to a different state and starting college! It was so exciting but not easy. Despite all the amazing memories and events, I learned a few lessons in that year and I want share them with you.


Throughout your life, you will have a lot of difficult things to deal with but never give up and always pray.

In the beginning of 2015, I had a hard time being sure I was going to graduate high school. I did a lot of worrying, which did not help at all. I started to pray about school and slowly but surely I got better. Now, miracles don’t happen over night! It took time. It took many studies and help, and I got through it.


Most of the things you want are not always meant to be yours. God has something better for you.

It can be a guy/girl, or a career goal you are looking forward to. There is always somebody/something we wish we had, but they are not always meant for us. I realized that that person is better off without me. It took me a long time to move on. Things will not always happen the way you’ve planned. In fact, almost all of the time, it won’t. I have always thought certain things in my life would happen in one way, but God had a different plan. . & I am glad that it happened the way it did. It is not easy realizing it, but there is always something better in store for you. You just have to be patient and have faith!


If people want to leave your life, let them.

Most of the people in your life are in your life only temporarily. Some are only there for a season, a few years, or even most of your whole life. Believe it or not, people are meant to leave you through out your life. What I’m saying is that they have a purpose to. Once they have achieve that purpose in your life, they leave. They are either a blessing or a lesson. This is how you learn and grow in life; The people that come into your life. Those who leave, make more room for better ones to come into your life. . And who knows, maybe they just made room for a blessing.

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