why I don’t mind being alone //

There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. Being alone doesn’t always mean you feel lonely. To me, it means you don’t need anyone else to feel happy. Yes, we all want to be around our friends and family.. I love it when they’re around! But I also need time for myself. Need time to work on myself. To think for myself. We all need that time to work on what we need to in our lives. There are days when I want to hang out with friends all day long! But also there are days where I just want to be by myself. It brings me peace when I am sitting alone and just meditating on what God has done in my life. Not only that but also figuring out the places in my life that needs fixing. Being alone helps me accept myself and love who I am.

I am still growing in my faith and I will still be for a long time. Before going out and working on others, we need to see what is wrong in our lives and ask God to fix it. If you can’t work on yourself, how will you work on others & if you don’t love yourself, how will you love others.

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